Displays custom made in all kinds of materials from design to finished product.


All kinds of packaging standard and custom made by our own atelier!



We are a Belgian manufacturer and wholesaler of luxury packaging and displays. Standard models and custom manufactured to suit the customer.

Packaging and display to suit your desires and needs, from design to finished product.

Would you like jewelry, cutlery, plates, medals, casino chips, medical apperaten, insentives, electronics, shoes, handbags, glasses, ... packaging or display.

Industrie, jeweller, promotion, marketing, casino, interior decorator, antiques dealer, ... we can offer a solution with packaging and displays!

Would you like to know what we can do for you, please contact us!


More than 10,000 different choices in velvet pouches. colors, shapes and qualities.
On request we produce your personal model for your needs, sizes, fabrics, colors, strings and print.

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